We strive to be a living and growing community of prayer, support and service formed by the Gospel.

Eucharistic Ministers



July / August / September



JULY    7        Saturday            5:00 pm            (Sharon Dragon), Tony Palasciano, Judy Swiderski                       

             8        Sunday              9:00 am            Kathy Harrington, Doreen LeHerissier, (Nancy Clarke)                                                     


              14     Saturday           5:00 pm           Colleen Romanski ,Ed Romanski , (Lori Shepard)                          

              15     Sunday             9:00 am           Linda LaPlume, Rosemary Orciari, (Susan Lelli)                            


              21     Saturday          5:00 pm            Mike Perras, Teresa Dombi, (Gloria Beliveau)                     

              22     Sunday            9:00 am            Attracta Pryor, April Regine, (Carl Ashworth)                       


             28      Saturday           5:00 pm           Judy Swiderski, Lori Shepard, (Sal Neri)                              

             29      Sunday            9:00 am            Kim Izzi, Maureen Taylor, (Trish DeCastro)            


AUG      4        Saturday          5:00 pm           Gloria Beliveau, (Tony Palasciano), Sal Neri

              5        Sunday            9:00 am           Maureen Abarr, Sue Bok, (Pat DeWald)


             11       Saturday          5:00 pm           Lori Shepard, Teresa Dombi, (Judy Swiderski)  

             12       Sunday            9:00 am           Ann Champlin, Barbara Murphy, (Donna McGuire)



             15       Wednesday     9:00 am          Doris Bradley, Attracta Pryor, (Lori Shepard)

                                                 7:00 pm         (Maureen Taylor), Kathy Harrington, Sue Lelli


            18        Saturday          5:00 pm          (Sharon Dragon), Tony Palasciano, Gloria Beliveau

            19        Sunday            9:00 am           (Rosemary Orciari), Kathy Harrington, Attracta Pryor



            25        Saturday          5:00 pm           Mike Perras, Ed Romanski, (Colleen Romanski)

            26        Sunday            9:00 am           Kim Izzi, (Linda LaPlume), Susan Lelli



SEPT      1       Saturday          5:00 pm           Gloria Beliveau, (Tony Palasciano), Sal Neri

               2       Sunday            9:00 am           Kathy Harrington, (Ann Champlin), April Regine


               8        Saturday          5:00 pm           Sharon Dragon, Lori Shepard, (Teresa Dombi)

               9        Sunday            9:00 am           Carl Ashworth, Maureen Abarr, (Sue Bok)   


              15       Saturday          5:00 pm           Colleen Romanski, Ed Romanski, (Sal Neri)

             16       Sunday            9:00 am           Fran Sayer, Donna McGuire, (Attracta Pryor)


             22       Saturday            5:00 pm         (Mike Perras), Gloria Beliveau, Teresa Dombi

             23       Sunday              8:00 am         Trish DeCastro, (Doris Bradley), Maureen Taylor


             29       Saturday            5:00 pm         Sharon Dragon, Colleen Romanski, (Ed Romanski)

             30       Sunday              9:00 am         Nancy Clarke, (Barbara Murphy), Pat Dewald


If you are unable to make the week you are assigned,

please call another to switch dates with you.

If you need to contact me, please call the office at 539-8311, Mon-Thurs 8:30am-2:30pm or e-mail stjosephhv@verizon.net

The next schedule will be printed on or around 9/15.

    Thank you, Sandy